C-Trip Gourmet

What is Ctrip Gourmet?

Ctrip Gourmet is Ctrip’s food platform, for Chinese travelers to create a comprehensive, industry-leading travel destination catering information service platform, through this platform to meet the individual needs of travelers for destination cuisine.

Users can easily and quickly find what they want to eat. Ctrip Gourmet to 2019, has 350 million user resources, covering 150 popular destinations at home and abroad, the list of restaurants near 21000, food channel daily average visitor volume has reached 1 million, Ctrip gourmet global coverage of 10 million restaurants.

How can Ctrip Gourmet screen and evaluate a large number of local restaurants and snack bars in the destination? For the team structure, around 15,000 food hunters, 500 professional judges, 17 members of the board of directors, editorial team, the 4 levels of restaurant evaluation and recommendation mechanism is built up.

Life or travel around the World Gourmet Hunter will Ctrip recommend local quality restaurant as an alternative, and then after the judges try to eat, scoring, council members review, to edit the copy, pictures, on-line publicity, Ctrip Gourmet always adhere to the hot hotels, scenic spots, the district as a landmark, looking for Chinese taste quality restaurant.

It is also because of its focus on Chinese taste, in this huge team of more than 15,000 people, 99% of the people are Chinese, we serve the majority of tourists are Chinese, only Chinese people know what Chinese people like to eat.

This is also considered to be Ctrip Gourmet one of the important criteria for the selection and evaluation of restaurants.

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